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Food and Nutrition are important themes in the present time. Next to taste and texture of the the food products, the consumer is looking for additional properties of his food. The consumer has become aware of the relation between his diet and general health. Obesity and food safety will determine the success or failure of products and/or businesses.

I have acquired broad experience in Manufacturing and Research and Development of food products. Thus I can help you in developing products and process technology that answers to these challenges.

I have also extended my network in the world of Food by setting up the Food Regio Uden Veghel Schijndel Oss, connecting all Food and Feed companies in the south-east part of the Netherlands 


Innovation is the key word to develop the required business or process systems and technology to support and create business growth.

During my career I have gained experience both in Human Resource Management, Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Lean thinking. The combination of these disciplines is helping me to provide support to Business re-engineering projects in all kind of businesses.

My expertise in Food Technology has been build during 14 years of experience in Manufacturing and R&D in one of the major Confectionery Manufacturers of the world.


Food and Nutrition

You may now tap into this expertise in all of these disciplines. 


Whether it is an organisational issue, a technological challenge or a business restructuring opportunity, in most of these areas I have acquired a broad expertise. But in most cases expertise in single disciplines will not be enough! It is the synthesis of these disciplines and the helicopter view over the issues, that will develop long lasting solutions.

My Creativity has proven to be a major competency in creating aligned and Lean business solutions.

In this way I can help you with business wide strategic solutions in stead of isolated tactical non-coherent projects.

Lean Thinking

The concept of Lean Thinking has become very popular since the success of Toyota is conquering the automotive world. The principles that Toyota has adopted as a way of living, can be applied in any kind of business, be it a manufacturing or office environment. It all has to do with putting the customer first and concentrating only on creating added value to the customer. Getting rid of all other activities, processes or costs (Muda) will improve the value as perceived by the customer.

It needs a change of culture, so it can' t be done overnight. This culture has to be introduced from the top of the company downwards, reaching all levels of the business. The process of Strategy Deployment top-down is a major part of creating the right culture in a business.

I can provide support in creating this lean environment in your business.